Altrusa International of Frisco, Inc.

President: Cyndi Schrob

Club Meetings: The Second Tuesday of Each Month at 6:30PM


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We make our community better through leadership, partnership, and service. Join with our members and other community leaders to assess and address the needs of our community. We use our leadership abilities, contacts, and commitment to community service to make where we live an even better place.

Serving our community is our mission.

Since 1917, Altrusans have been at the forefront of community service. Our members have a passion for helping their fellowman and live by the principle that it isn’t enough for Altrusans to just be good— Altrusans must be good for something.

We invite you to join us for a project or to attend an upcoming club meeting to learn more about us and to meet our members. We promise a great time and a sense of accomplishment.

Make an impact. Become an Altrusan.

Working through their foundation, the members of Altrusa International of Frisco, Inc. have:

  • Mosaic Family Services - Altrusa Resource Room where victims of human trafficking can work toward regaining independence
  • Paper for Water – creating origami ornaments which are sold to raise funds to build wells in areas without water
  • My Possibilities - Santa Run cheer team, Community Ball volunteers
  • Camp Summit – Organizing and repairing the costume room at the camp for special needs individuals
  • Scholarship for Frisco Education Foundation
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